Creepy Shit….


People with multiple personality disorder are interesting. Especially when one of their personalities is dark.

I remember when I was in elementary school (eight or nine) and we went over to a friend of the family’s house. I knew something was wrong with him before we got there. All the adults talked about how he was crazy.

I always liked to draw, so they told me he did too and asked if I wanted to see his artwork…. Of course, but he didn’t draw normal things.

There were pictures of devils and demons. Strangled dead people. Bloody crucifixes shoved inside of ungroomed, naked women. All kinds of horrible shit. I made it thru most of the pictures, but eventually they got too disturbing and I closed the book. Idk why any of them would allow me to look at that shit.


People with fuck’d up brains are fascinating tho. Spooky and entertaining at the same time. I was just thinking to myself: wtf was wrong with that man? Some part of me wants to figure out what made him that way.

He would act fairly normal for a crazy person. He could have normal conversations and he even had a girlfriend. Anyone could see that he was slightly off, but he was still sort of human(ish).

I haven’t seen or heard about him in years. He was an alcoholic drug addict (on top of his meds), so he’s probably gone by now.


Religion vs Spirituality

Mike and I had a lil debate today about the difference between religion & spirituality. He’s a Christian and he identifies as spiritual, not religious.

His point was that religion is a practice and spirituality is the relationship one has with their higher power. He said that someone can be religious and not spiritual (vice versa).

My question: shouldn’t the two be intertwined…..

Him: look up the meanings of the words in the dictionary…..

Me: so you can be a Christian without practicing Christianity?

Him: some ppl go to church because they feel like they have to, but they really don’t focus on their connection with god. They’re too consumed with making sure they complete their rituals, when they should be concerned with knowing the Lord.

My question: why do a lot of Christians these days feel like it’s so important to differentiate themselves by identifying as spiritual rather than religious?

Him: it’s not about differentiating yourself….

My question: what’s so wrong with being religious? Everybody wants to call themselves spiritualist now, like religious comes with a side of herpes.

Him: there’s nothing wrong with being religious, it just doesn’t do anything for me. Why practice something if I don’t feel like it’s making my relationship with the Lord stronger….

Me: That’s a cop-out…. So going to church does nothing for your personal relationship with Jesus? (the question was aimed specifically at him, not a general question)…. I’m not saying you have to go to a physical building, cause history shows that ppl had church in the woods…. (We were using going to church to symbol all religious Christian practices)…. You’re using definitions created by some random person named Webster to justify your laziness. Most Christians are lazy, period. Y’all prefer to focus on the worthless distinctions between two words rather than using them interchangeably to help each other grow.

The conversation then started to go in circles, no love was lost during our dialogue…..

Although I’m not a Christian I’m still entitled to my opinion, and what I take away from my observations of average Christians. I think that if you identify as a Christian then you have to be religious and spiritual. If “Religious” describes action and “spiritual” refers to the feeling; I have relatively no respect for “Christians” who are comfortable NOT practicing (religious) what they preach (spirituality). To be a Christian you must first develop a spiritual relationship with Jesus, and then become religious about the connection you have with him. Meaning you need to perform the necessary rituals, or you’re not considered a Christian. Spirituality is like the “pre-christian” phase (yes, i just made that shit up). I think that you need to be spiritual before the ultimate step of becoming religious (a Christian), because if you did it the other way around it would be harder to reach your goals with God.

You don’t do a bunch of shit for somebody and then expect to fall in love afterwards. This backward ass thinking is probably why many women find themselves in relationships with males who they’ve made countless sacrifices for (ride-or-die bitches), but are still waiting for their return on their investment (unmarried females)…. Typically you fall in love first (spirituality) and then you do everything in your power to make that person happy (religious rituals).

The word “Christian” is thrown around too loosely….. If I were a Christian my goal would be to become both spiritually and physically (via rituals) connected to the Lord.

Niggas out here putting little to no significance on religious rituals, but they’ll wear their favorite jersey on game day for good luck. You think Olympians win gold by only having faith that they’ll win without practicing religiously?????

NBA players, practice. NFL players, practice. Artists, practice. Kids practice writing their ABC’s. Chemists, practice. Magicians, practice. Strippers, practice!

Seems like the only niggas who think they can get away with not practicing is you “Spiritual Christians”…. And to clear things up; people who are not spiritual but go to church and pray are not considered religious…. They’re just fake ass Christian too.

Should African Americans Follow Western Religions?

I’m not in the business of telling other adults what they should do, but I don’t follow western religions. I personally think that Christianity is one of the worse things that ever happened to Black people. Besides the lack of generalized common sense, Christianity is completely inconsistent. Christians are compulsive sinners who justify their lack of basic discipline with mortality. The single most important character in the Bible has been physically altered and no one cares about adherence. Church is more about riffraff, oppose to actually being a space for collective cognitive development. More often than not its members are politically unorganized, intellectually negligent, and financially illiterate. Pretty much everyone I know is a Christian and I attended several different churches growing up. I never liked the atmosphere as a child. It was too loud to think, too passive in particular areas, and they always seemed to give me the same recycled ambiguous answers….. I remember church being about Jesus from start to finish (unless they were gossiping). They never discussed current events, never discussed politics indepth, never discussed fundamental wealth building…. I’ve talked to church members about their pastor’s significance. Pastors are not active in their communities anymore. Last time I’ve talked to a pastor was the last time I went to church. Christians are bound by the walls of the church and psychologically isolated by inexplicable fear.

Not some shit I want to be apart of…