The Kind of Shit That Makes You Ugly

Had a conversation with my little sister last night. Well, more like I cussed her out for doing silly shit. I feel like the more I mature and push myself to be a woman, the more I lose my little sister and cousins.

Terrible combination of trying to focus on bettering yourself, but neglecting the very ones who you’re trying to set an example for….

My little sister is 15 and she’s been doing embarrassing shit on the internet. She looked me in my face and repeatedly lied for 20 minutes. I pushed her down and yelled at her, but part of me just wanted to chill and talk it out. Just get to the bottom of why this silly shit continues to happen.

Long story short my little sister values beauty over intellect. The shit threw me off because I don’t care about appearance. I walk around with a turban on five days a week. Only thing people see are my hands, neck, and face. Nonetheless beauty is her ultimate goal.

Couldn’t help but ask her why she wanted to be pretty? Doesn’t really seem like beauty can get you too much of shit these days. Since buying ass became popular; seems like everybody can be pretty with just a few nips and tucks. To no surprise she couldn’t answer my question. I asked what she was going to do with all her beauty once she obtained it? Once again the room falls silent….

So you just want to be pretty just for the sake of being pretty?!?!?!

I asked her what’s motivating her to want to be beautiful? Everyone knows I want to be rich so I can start a school and build a bank in Africa. Wealth is a tool I want to utilize to help people. What is beauty a tool for? She doesn’t answer….

Fuck kind of goals are these?!?!

So I decide to call her out on her bullshit. I told her she didn’t really want to be beautiful. She just wants to be a “bad bitch”. Looked around her room and not one thing in her room told me her biggest dream was to be a beauty queen. I asked her if she wants to be beautiful then why hasn’t she entered any pageants? Why hasn’t she posted any makeup tutorials online? Why isn’t she physically training and practicing water downed ass responses to all them obvious ass questions they ask during pageants? Why aren’t there any tiaras in the room? Where is all the pretty shit at? She hasn’t tried to pursue pageant coaching or anything.

You’re going to look me in my face and cry about how being beautiful is more important than being intelligent, but I’ve never even heard you bring up the words “beauty queen” in your life.

You’re full of shit, and just like you can look me in my face in tell me a lie; I can look you in your damn face and call you a liar. You don’t want to be beautiful, you just want to be a “bad bitch”.

I don’t think looks are that damn important but at the very least if your going to put some superficial shit like beauty over intellect, then you better really be about your shit. I may not care about beauty but I know the difference between Miss. America and Superhead.

I’d respect my little sister’s position more if she actually had a fucking trophy. She out here on some thirsty shit, doing it for “Instagram likes”. She’s doesn’t want to be beautiful she just wants the easy attention that comes with being pretty. She’d actually have to put in some hard work if she wanted to be Miss. Universe.


She wants to be beautiful with long hair, and whatever else makes females “pretty”. She thinks she’s no cute enough, she’s not light enough, her hair’s not long enough…. So I told her we’re going to volunteer together. Since she’s making a big deal over her appearance. I think it would be a good idea to go meet some cancer patients. I want to put some shit in perspective for her. I told her we’re going to go and I dare her to walk out of there feeling sorry for herself because her hair isn’t long. There are little girls who don’t have hair at all. Women who don’t have breast anymore….. But you out here complaining and feeling bad because your “Instagram likes” aren’t flourishing. You’re emotionally disturbed because you’ve yet to prove your prettier than your peers.

It’s definitely my fault because I haven’t talked to her about the important things in life. There’s nothing wrong with a woman just wanting to feel beautiful, but you just have to work on it one day at a time. Make sure your soul feels good by giving back to your community. Workout so you can have your dream body.

Being gorgeous is great, and if you fall short of being the most beautiful woman in the world, just chill. You don’t have to complain and be a brat about it. That’s the kind of shit that makes you ugly.


Five Star Layman

I know a few people whom admitted their dislike for people with sophisticated vocabularies. They believe listening to someone who utilizes fancy words is a complete waste of time; and if somebody’s purpose is to deliver a message, then they should speak in terms their audience can understand.

I’ve heard “regular” people say this about people with PhDs, and I’ve heard people with PhDs say this about poets.

They don’t have a problem with a doctor using medical terminology, but if a mechanic utilizes legal terminology to explain their unfriendly encounter with law enforcement; that person is perceived as “trying to act uppity”.

I agree that even the most remedial writers and speakers should take their audience’s demographics into consideration. I also believe the audience should feel responsible for their own discipline. It’s no secret that you should probably shut up while someone is speaking, and you probably shouldn’t go to a gallery and touch an expensive painting.

It’s called universal respect.

A speaker’s goal is to appeal to their audience in some form. Nonetheless, everything is not always about the audience. Speakers shouldn’t have to sacrifice their creativity for your childish comfort. Just like a painter selects which colors to use, and a musician selects which notes to play; a writer selects which words accurately conveys their message.

I can pretty much guarantee there are very few writers who select words that are designed to make their audience feel inferior. That feeling of frustration you get when someone uses the term “brusque” is your subconscious telling you you’re uncomfortable with your own ignorance. You should probably do something about that.

It’s very rude for you to expect someone to alter the terms they hand picked to bring their vision to light, because you’re too lazy to look them up.

I don’t care if it’s a medical, legal, or an economic term. If I know it, I’m going to use it. How the hell are you going to tell me how limited you think my vocabulary should be….

Fuck outta here.

He’s Too Good for You

I’m always woman enough to be honest with myself, and I’ll say that there has only been three men out of my entire life that I didn’t deserve.

Everybody always think they’re good enough for anybody, but I don’t believe that. I know damn well there are men who don’t deserve me, and I know damn well there are men who I don’t deserve…. I’ve met three of these men.

The first one was a great guy who really liked me. He did his best to try to make sure he was always there to help. This dude was absolutely amazing! The only man who help me study for my exams. He did more than just help me study, he was my fucking tutor. I was having trouble, and he came through with the “we got this” attitude and clean my shit up. I got one of the highest scores on the final exam. I have absolutely nothing bad to say about this man. I told him how I felt about his overwhelming generosity, but I don’t think he believed me because I didn’t want to be in a relationship. I remember him asking me what’s wrong with him? NOT A GOD DAMN THING!!! We just wasn’t a good fit, and we still probably aren’t…. I think I didn’t deserve him in my life because I (unintentionally) made him feel bad about himself and didn’t try hard enough to correct it. He was worth that extra effort, but I said “Oh well”. I don’t want to be with him, but he’d be a amazing friend….. I do deserve him as a friend now.

Second guy was someone I was involved with for a quick minute. He wasn’t as great as the first guy, but nonetheless he was a good man that I didn’t know what to do with at the time. Out of all the guys I dated he was the only one who never once made me feel unsafe or uncomfortable around him. Other guys will say things that indirectly threaten you physically or would potentially harm your health. He was the king of making a woman feel comfortable. When I had a cold he tucked me in and brought me ice cream. I asked for ice cream because it’s been clinically proven to cure common colds…. I wouldn’t know what security feels like if it wasn’t for him. He gave me a key to his appointment, but I shortly returned it. I don’t regret not being with him, but I’d like him to know that I appreciate everything he did. He tried to take care of me, but I wasn’t ready and he knew it. Even after he knew I wasn’t ready he still was willing to waste his time on giving it a second shot (that i didn’t ask for) a year later…. I do deserve him as a good friend now, but he won’t be reading this.

Third guy was actually a platonic friend…. As a reoccurring theme I didn’t actually want to be with him either. I never really wanted any of these men (and I still don’t), but that doesn’t stop me from knowing that if I did, I wouldn’t have deserved them back in the day…. This last guy is the only man I currently still feel like I probably don’t deserve. I don’t think I’m developed enough as a woman to adequately take him on….. It was weird because we were good friends for some time and then one day out of nowhere he said on some “FYI” shit “you don’t deserve me”. Of course he’s a good friend so he said it much nicer than that, but I guess he felt like he needed to let me know so I didn’t get any bright ideas….. “Ummm first off muthafucka I don’t want you, (long pause) and besides I already know that. Your punk ass didn’t have to say it out loud”…. Smh, good thing I’m not a sensitive human being. That man tried to squash some invisible dream he made up for me. That’s my boy though and I would’ve did the same shit to him if the shoe was on the other foot. We have zero chill in this bitch.

Good Times….

Worthiness: Bad Bitch Edition

I think there’s a fine line between knowing you’re being treated below your desired (self proclaimed) worth, and actually being valuable. I think it’s healthy for people to assume that if they’re not being treated “right” then the person who is making them unhappy is unappreciative.

But are they truly misinformed about your worth? You teach people how to treat you, so why is it not your fault your undervalued? Maybe your communication skills are the culprit?

What if you really are unworthy? Many of us have no problem selecting things and people who are not worthy of our time, but the thought of us not being worthy of a thing or person is RIDICULOUS. You’re looked apon as having low self-esteem if you believe you’re not worthy of a person.

Low self-esteem Vs. Honesty

This is the reason I more often than not, dislike the word potential. Everyone wants someone to fall in love with their potential ignoring the fact that very few people have an eye for scouting it.

One day I accidentally broke a casserole dish. I swept all the glass together in a pile. As I looked at the broken glass I realized I could make something out of it. I collected the larger pieces and sat them aside in a bag to create something later. When I went back to get the bag it was gone. My mother came over my house seen a bag of broken glass and threw it away. She threw away potential, she threw away my creativity.

The ability to identify potential is an art, and you’re unreasonable to expect the average person to possess the talent.

Rejection is a bad muthafucka and failure is a bitch.

You failed to prove your worthiness to that person, therefore they rejected you. Talk about insult to injury! Two blows below the belt simultaneously…. So you make up an illusion about how you WERE worth their time/love/admiration but they were too blind to notice. They’re probably no blinder than you.

Close your eyes tight and keep them there. Make sure you share with the world how you don’t give a damn what anyone says; you know you’re a great person…. Even if nobody is a witness.

I think the people in your environment naturally demonstrate your worth with their actions. Now whether you agree with their estimate is irrelevant; majority rules. You should probably reconsider your true value and work to improve it.

This all was prompted by a tweet I seen by a Latin woman. Her tweet read: “one bad bitch is worth 1000 basic bitches”.

I’m assuming she thought she was “one bad bitch”, but clearly the men in her life didn’t think she was worth “1000 basic bitches”. Appears that whenever she gave men the ultimatum to choose between her and 1000 bitches, well….

1 bad bitch = single
1000 basic bitches = single

1 bad bitch = 1000 basic bitches

Contrary to what the men in her life have showed her; she’ll probably never admit that she’s a member of the “basic bitches”. She feels entitled to a man 1000 bitches aren’t worth, and not even he can tell her otherwise.


Encouragement of the Black Female


Up thinking about a program for young females that would teach them at an early age how to make healthy decisions.

One of the biggest downfalls in the Black community is the Black female’s inability to make good choices. We’re raised by the media instead of our mothers. In most cases our mothers are either out chasing men, or she’s too busy working multiple jobs to provide. When we’re raised by the media we value fat asses, thighs, long straight blonde hair, and misguided violence.

If we can just get to these girls before they dig holes for themselves by dropping out of school, not continuing on to college, or getting pregnant at an early age. We can really change the dynamics of our community. There are a lot of Black women out here who make great decisions, but our goal should be to completely eliminate unhealthy behavior and decision making in all of our men/women.


The program should focus on Black females, not excluding males, but it should be openly conveyed to the young boys who’d like to participate that it’s for the encouragement of the Black female. Nothing should be directly designed for the young boy, everything should focus on her. When the young boy ask why none of the courses are design for him? Tell him that the woman she’ll soon become is design for him.

Religion vs Spirituality

Mike and I had a lil debate today about the difference between religion & spirituality. He’s a Christian and he identifies as spiritual, not religious.

His point was that religion is a practice and spirituality is the relationship one has with their higher power. He said that someone can be religious and not spiritual (vice versa).

My question: shouldn’t the two be intertwined…..

Him: look up the meanings of the words in the dictionary…..

Me: so you can be a Christian without practicing Christianity?

Him: some ppl go to church because they feel like they have to, but they really don’t focus on their connection with god. They’re too consumed with making sure they complete their rituals, when they should be concerned with knowing the Lord.

My question: why do a lot of Christians these days feel like it’s so important to differentiate themselves by identifying as spiritual rather than religious?

Him: it’s not about differentiating yourself….

My question: what’s so wrong with being religious? Everybody wants to call themselves spiritualist now, like religious comes with a side of herpes.

Him: there’s nothing wrong with being religious, it just doesn’t do anything for me. Why practice something if I don’t feel like it’s making my relationship with the Lord stronger….

Me: That’s a cop-out…. So going to church does nothing for your personal relationship with Jesus? (the question was aimed specifically at him, not a general question)…. I’m not saying you have to go to a physical building, cause history shows that ppl had church in the woods…. (We were using going to church to symbol all religious Christian practices)…. You’re using definitions created by some random person named Webster to justify your laziness. Most Christians are lazy, period. Y’all prefer to focus on the worthless distinctions between two words rather than using them interchangeably to help each other grow.

The conversation then started to go in circles, no love was lost during our dialogue…..

Although I’m not a Christian I’m still entitled to my opinion, and what I take away from my observations of average Christians. I think that if you identify as a Christian then you have to be religious and spiritual. If “Religious” describes action and “spiritual” refers to the feeling; I have relatively no respect for “Christians” who are comfortable NOT practicing (religious) what they preach (spirituality). To be a Christian you must first develop a spiritual relationship with Jesus, and then become religious about the connection you have with him. Meaning you need to perform the necessary rituals, or you’re not considered a Christian. Spirituality is like the “pre-christian” phase (yes, i just made that shit up). I think that you need to be spiritual before the ultimate step of becoming religious (a Christian), because if you did it the other way around it would be harder to reach your goals with God.

You don’t do a bunch of shit for somebody and then expect to fall in love afterwards. This backward ass thinking is probably why many women find themselves in relationships with males who they’ve made countless sacrifices for (ride-or-die bitches), but are still waiting for their return on their investment (unmarried females)…. Typically you fall in love first (spirituality) and then you do everything in your power to make that person happy (religious rituals).

The word “Christian” is thrown around too loosely….. If I were a Christian my goal would be to become both spiritually and physically (via rituals) connected to the Lord.

Niggas out here putting little to no significance on religious rituals, but they’ll wear their favorite jersey on game day for good luck. You think Olympians win gold by only having faith that they’ll win without practicing religiously?????

NBA players, practice. NFL players, practice. Artists, practice. Kids practice writing their ABC’s. Chemists, practice. Magicians, practice. Strippers, practice!

Seems like the only niggas who think they can get away with not practicing is you “Spiritual Christians”…. And to clear things up; people who are not spiritual but go to church and pray are not considered religious…. They’re just fake ass Christian too.

Fuck Outta Here! ~ Nonviolent Soldier


A good portion of my friends and family are in the military or married to people in the military….. What’s really fucking me up is how many of them are against what’s happening in Ferguson. They’re exhausted with us posting about the situation, we have a bias opinion of the police, and violence is not the solution….


You’re in the military happily running to (or supporting troops in) Africa and the middle east to participate in wars (aka being violent without questioning the overall objective) for a muthafucking paycheck, but when it’s time to be war ready for your people you want to stop and ask questions and be diplomatic?!?!

Are you fucking serious?!?! Y’all fight Black and Brown people for the white man, and be proud of the shit, hollering “Hoorah” while your simple ass could possibly die. Expecting me to be grateful for your services, bitch fuck you! You were paid (payroll & benefits) for you reckless association with your country, AND I DON’T OWE YOU SHIT!!!! …. But let a black or brown person form any weapon against your beloved government and now you want to act like a bitch telling us we’re wrong about “Massa”….

These military niggas be posting shit about how they’re the reason we enjoy freedom; nigga kill yourself! You’re not fucking free and if you believe that your ignorance is worse than I thought.

I call it how I see and y’all are some BITCHES. Scared of the white man, talking about (in my bitch nigga voice) “well black people kill more black people than anybody else. We need to stop black on black violence because that’s ridiculous.”.  Oh so when your bitch ass go over to Africa on your so-called “relief & support” missions killing black and brown people (here and there), that’s not black on black crime??????

Nah, because the white man gave you a check for that, so that’s kool. Black people don’t pay you niggas enough huh?…..

I’m not sure if you fuck niggas forgot, BUT WAR IS VIOLENCE AND YOUR BITCH ASS WILLINGLY SIGNED UP FOR IT. You live/die by becoming a marine and now when you see people being violent towards white supremacy you’re all of a sudden against violence? Bitch I thought you was a muthafuck’n soldier?!?!

Sounds like you a bitch ass nigga to me. Y’all pick on the little guys, but when it comes to approaching the big bad bully (USA) in town y’all niggas want to start y’all fucking periods?!?!

Nobody in the military can tell me that millions of innocent black lives were not lost at war. You niggas want to call somebody out on being hypocrites, saying that we overlook black on black crime in our neighborhoods, but bitch you’re preaching nonviolence and you overlook what your organization is doing to predominantly black countries overseas.

HYPOCRITE!!!!!! NIGGA DID YOU SAY HYPOCRITE?!?!?! The nonviolent nigga who signed up for war?!?!?!!!!!!

Nah, not you?!!!! I know damn well that’s not what the fuck you said….

Lol boy I tell you, smh.