I would like to explain my definition of the word “underprivileged” as it pertains to African American youth.

When thinking of the words “underprivileged youth”; I can form an image of Black kids in urban cities playing sports with no equipment. Children at home with no internet access trying to complete a report for school tomorrow. Black students with scraggly first edition books full of outdated information…. I can imagine the kids who’s refrigerators are on “E” and kitchen cabinets prompting mothers to “please connect your charger”. Black fathers who’ve worked all day, only to rent space from another man so his family can have a damn near dilapidated building to call home. Examples of popular imagery of what it’s like to be an underprivileged Black kid in America.


I think it’s time that Black people start redefining terms commonly used to describe our conditions. If my elders took the time to redefine ridiculous shit like the term “nigga” into an endearing word that means “friend”, then I can change the meaning of “underprivileged”.

My definition of being an underprivileged child has nothing to do with whether or not there was caviar or pizza rolls in my damn freezer.

Underprivileged youth are not children who are born into poverty. They are the children who are raised in households with no conscious parent present. These are the children who were left to learn their history from someone who could never share their perspective. Black children who’s celebrity role models teach them that liabilities like new cars and belligerent friends, alongside a phat ass are grand assets. Underprivileged youth are kids who are raised inside of stifling ignorance to historical economic and political events that sculpt modern day Black culture.


Ruby Bridges

I was an underprivileged child, so I know these conditions very well…. I never felt underprivileged because my family didn’t own a big house, hell most people in the hood aren’t home owners…. I never felt underprivileged because my books at school were ugly and we didn’t have internet access. I can still make sense out of vandalized text, and what the fuck does watching fights on YouTube do for me?

I did however feel underprivileged when I noticed other young Black people who were raised by entire families of conscious individuals….. How come I didn’t have people like Malcolm X and DuBois in my family?…. Raised without a single Kwame Ture or Marcus Garvey in my life. I would have loved a William Whipper or William Hamilton…..


Poverty is not the predominant factor that determines a Black child’s likelihood of success. I personally believe that the presence of consciousness has a greater influence on the child’s motivation and overall ambition…. Providing a child with an okay parent and a hundred new book is nice, but providing a child with a conscious parent and a few raggedy highly selected books is priceless.


Killing Me With This Fucking “Deserve” Word

They said student athletes are a bunch of “thugs” that are pulled of the streets, who would’ve never been in college, and who don’t deserve to get paid for their names. They should be grateful to go to college for free, since they don’t do anything, and are stupid….. He said he had to work his ass off to get to college, he played soccer, and he didn’t even get in OSU his freshman year.

They shouldn’t be compensated???

Not for the BILLIONS they make for EA Sports, the colleges (OSU makes at least 100million/yr off student athletes), and the TV networks. They don’t deserve any fraction of that money because their from underprivileged neighborhoods, and because your non-talented ass can’t jump….. I’m pretty fucking sure they train their asses off, and put their HEALTH on the line every game.

Honestly the only reason college sports is still setup the way it is, is because college sports that bring in the most money are predominantly played by African Americans. Just another way they can make a shit load of money off of black ppl with a bullshit excuse of why we don’t deserve any of the profits.

Polygamy: A New Thought

I’ve never discussed polygamy before; I’ve honestly never thought about it…. Watching videos about the community, starring this very educated Black man seduced me to the topic. I respect this man on an intellectual level, but I never really considered who he was to his family. Found out he’s in a polygamous relationship with 3 Black women, who have 4 children amongst them (1 biological to him)…. I’m like WTF!!! So I had to watch the video to see how these women and children behaved. Completely astonished by how FUNCTIONAL they were; not sure why I was so shocked tho. Two of his wives were very poised, sophisticated women. The last one I didn’t care too much for, but they all seemed relatively happy.

I thought long and hard about how this “Happiness” could result from something most women would say causes them the most emotional grief. I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s him as a man that keeps the family together. I’m sure they all argue and fight like every other family on the planet, but he carries himself as a man and so much so, that I can hardly deny his ability to take care of every single one of his wives independently of the others.

This shit is completely remarkable to me!

Honestly a lot of men have trouble taking care of their own children and keeping one woman happy. This man is taking care of 3 children who don’t belong to him, his own child, and 3 women with no sweat. Not to shit on men, but I couldn’t image one of you taking care of me; let alone 3 small families harmoniously under one roof.

Other women might feel uncomfortable about this….. but he’s the man!…. Not because he has 3 wives, but because he’s man enough to adequately take care of 3 women emotionally, mentally, physically, and financially. Honestly it would take 3 men wrapped up in one to make me happy, and here he is….. That means it would probably take at least 27 men to do what he does lol.

Not to mention the 4 children he has to dedicate time to, on top of his career educating people on the street, while building wealth. Two of his daughters are on track to graduate from High School by the age of 15. Plus, he’s already bought the two girls a house to live in once their old enough…. AND he’s not one of those real flashy dudes either, no jewelry or designer labels, nothing……

Fucking King!!!!

He’s the eighth wonder of the world…….


Ohhhh, My Utopia.

Maybe my definition of “normality” is abnormal, and I clearly need to lower my standards…. Where do you find intellect? Not that I went to college and accepted everything they taught me, but that independent wolf shit. I feel like I’m surrounded by sheep. My mind is restless with explanations and thirsty for worthy debate. Just think, if everyone was plagued with their own moderate conceptual dominance…. Man!!!!!!!!

Keeping My Hopes Up & My Fingers Crossed


I can’t wait til African countries finally pull their shit together and start strengthening one another. Parts of Africa are already rapidly developing, and naturally when that happens more and more investments pour in. I’m concerned that the private property capable of producing endless wealth will be acquired by Western powers (honestly it already is, indirectly)…. but hopefully once Africa finally gets completely on it’s feet and is no longer extremely dependent on the Western world; they’ll redistribute their wealth. Only personal greed from leaders and passive citizens could allow their wealth to be continuously transported outside their borders. When they get their infrastructure and military built they should be fine tho….. I don’t know if capitalism will serve them well, but hopefully they’ll utilize it to the best of their abilities and produce a new, more reliable economic system…..

Gentle. Kind. Friendly.

I need more positive people in my life….. I need that good stuff…… The type of people who bring positivity to your doorstep with your name on it. I don’t like motivational speakers or seasonal friends. I want someone who will make me feel guilty for being frustrated. I want to be ashamed of showing my attitude when I’m in a room with them. Motivated and inspired to be as nice as I can be.

Relaxed & Free. Never angry or upset.

I want to have the ability to find understanding in the most stubborn settings. I want to feel my brain smile 🙂