Creepy Shit….


People with multiple personality disorder are interesting. Especially when one of their personalities is dark.

I remember when I was in elementary school (eight or nine) and we went over to a friend of the family’s house. I knew something was wrong with him before we got there. All the adults talked about how he was crazy.

I always liked to draw, so they told me he did too and asked if I wanted to see his artwork…. Of course, but he didn’t draw normal things.

There were pictures of devils and demons. Strangled dead people. Bloody crucifixes shoved inside of ungroomed, naked women. All kinds of horrible shit. I made it thru most of the pictures, but eventually they got too disturbing and I closed the book. Idk why any of them would allow me to look at that shit.


People with fuck’d up brains are fascinating tho. Spooky and entertaining at the same time. I was just thinking to myself: wtf was wrong with that man? Some part of me wants to figure out what made him that way.

He would act fairly normal for a crazy person. He could have normal conversations and he even had a girlfriend. Anyone could see that he was slightly off, but he was still sort of human(ish).

I haven’t seen or heard about him in years. He was an alcoholic drug addict (on top of his meds), so he’s probably gone by now.


Five Star Layman

I know a few people whom admitted their dislike for people with sophisticated vocabularies. They believe listening to someone who utilizes fancy words is a complete waste of time; and if somebody’s purpose is to deliver a message, then they should speak in terms their audience can understand.

I’ve heard “regular” people say this about people with PhDs, and I’ve heard people with PhDs say this about poets.

They don’t have a problem with a doctor using medical terminology, but if a mechanic utilizes legal terminology to explain their unfriendly encounter with law enforcement; that person is perceived as “trying to act uppity”.

I agree that even the most remedial writers and speakers should take their audience’s demographics into consideration. I also believe the audience should feel responsible for their own discipline. It’s no secret that you should probably shut up while someone is speaking, and you probably shouldn’t go to a gallery and touch an expensive painting.

It’s called universal respect.

A speaker’s goal is to appeal to their audience in some form. Nonetheless, everything is not always about the audience. Speakers shouldn’t have to sacrifice their creativity for your childish comfort. Just like a painter selects which colors to use, and a musician selects which notes to play; a writer selects which words accurately conveys their message.

I can pretty much guarantee there are very few writers who select words that are designed to make their audience feel inferior. That feeling of frustration you get when someone uses the term “brusque” is your subconscious telling you you’re uncomfortable with your own ignorance. You should probably do something about that.

It’s very rude for you to expect someone to alter the terms they hand picked to bring their vision to light, because you’re too lazy to look them up.

I don’t care if it’s a medical, legal, or an economic term. If I know it, I’m going to use it. How the hell are you going to tell me how limited you think my vocabulary should be….

Fuck outta here.

He’s Too Good for You

I’m always woman enough to be honest with myself, and I’ll say that there has only been three men out of my entire life that I didn’t deserve.

Everybody always think they’re good enough for anybody, but I don’t believe that. I know damn well there are men who don’t deserve me, and I know damn well there are men who I don’t deserve…. I’ve met three of these men.

The first one was a great guy who really liked me. He did his best to try to make sure he was always there to help. This dude was absolutely amazing! The only man who help me study for my exams. He did more than just help me study, he was my fucking tutor. I was having trouble, and he came through with the “we got this” attitude and clean my shit up. I got one of the highest scores on the final exam. I have absolutely nothing bad to say about this man. I told him how I felt about his overwhelming generosity, but I don’t think he believed me because I didn’t want to be in a relationship. I remember him asking me what’s wrong with him? NOT A GOD DAMN THING!!! We just wasn’t a good fit, and we still probably aren’t…. I think I didn’t deserve him in my life because I (unintentionally) made him feel bad about himself and didn’t try hard enough to correct it. He was worth that extra effort, but I said “Oh well”. I don’t want to be with him, but he’d be a amazing friend….. I do deserve him as a friend now.

Second guy was someone I was involved with for a quick minute. He wasn’t as great as the first guy, but nonetheless he was a good man that I didn’t know what to do with at the time. Out of all the guys I dated he was the only one who never once made me feel unsafe or uncomfortable around him. Other guys will say things that indirectly threaten you physically or would potentially harm your health. He was the king of making a woman feel comfortable. When I had a cold he tucked me in and brought me ice cream. I asked for ice cream because it’s been clinically proven to cure common colds…. I wouldn’t know what security feels like if it wasn’t for him. He gave me a key to his appointment, but I shortly returned it. I don’t regret not being with him, but I’d like him to know that I appreciate everything he did. He tried to take care of me, but I wasn’t ready and he knew it. Even after he knew I wasn’t ready he still was willing to waste his time on giving it a second shot (that i didn’t ask for) a year later…. I do deserve him as a good friend now, but he won’t be reading this.

Third guy was actually a platonic friend…. As a reoccurring theme I didn’t actually want to be with him either. I never really wanted any of these men (and I still don’t), but that doesn’t stop me from knowing that if I did, I wouldn’t have deserved them back in the day…. This last guy is the only man I currently still feel like I probably don’t deserve. I don’t think I’m developed enough as a woman to adequately take him on….. It was weird because we were good friends for some time and then one day out of nowhere he said on some “FYI” shit “you don’t deserve me”. Of course he’s a good friend so he said it much nicer than that, but I guess he felt like he needed to let me know so I didn’t get any bright ideas….. “Ummm first off muthafucka I don’t want you, (long pause) and besides I already know that. Your punk ass didn’t have to say it out loud”…. Smh, good thing I’m not a sensitive human being. That man tried to squash some invisible dream he made up for me. That’s my boy though and I would’ve did the same shit to him if the shoe was on the other foot. We have zero chill in this bitch.

Good Times….

You Stop Bitching = Me Minding My Own Business

You ever wanted to give somebody advice, but you figured it was none of your damn business; So you continued to shut the hell up….. The older I get the more I feel like this. I must be learning how to keep my damn mouth closed…..

Well that, and a general lack of interest in how to solve the same problem over and over again. Sometimes minding your own business means attending to your personal problem without letting everyone know about it.

Occupational Joy

Some clients have like $250k-$500k dollars in stock and they don’t even know it. They bought Apple stock back in the 90’s and forgot all about them….. She said “I feel like I just won the lottery!!!!!! You’re my new best friend”. Well why don’t you gift your new best friend 10 shares 🙂

Lol I think I just discovered my favorite part of this job. Feels good to tell ppl they’re about to get a check for $400k.