Creepy Shit….


People with multiple personality disorder are interesting. Especially when one of their personalities is dark.

I remember when I was in elementary school (eight or nine) and we went over to a friend of the family’s house. I knew something was wrong with him before we got there. All the adults talked about how he was crazy.

I always liked to draw, so they told me he did too and asked if I wanted to see his artwork…. Of course, but he didn’t draw normal things.

There were pictures of devils and demons. Strangled dead people. Bloody crucifixes shoved inside of ungroomed, naked women. All kinds of horrible shit. I made it thru most of the pictures, but eventually they got too disturbing and I closed the book. Idk why any of them would allow me to look at that shit.


People with fuck’d up brains are fascinating tho. Spooky and entertaining at the same time. I was just thinking to myself: wtf was wrong with that man? Some part of me wants to figure out what made him that way.

He would act fairly normal for a crazy person. He could have normal conversations and he even had a girlfriend. Anyone could see that he was slightly off, but he was still sort of human(ish).

I haven’t seen or heard about him in years. He was an alcoholic drug addict (on top of his meds), so he’s probably gone by now.