I Solicit To Breathe!!!

The requisite for lukewarm wind, a neoteric breeze, and more than one setting sun. Chronology carries on as nature stops just to attended my fantasies…. Audio of massive liquid slows my heartbeat leaking pressure off my ego. A surplus of thoughts with ample range coquets my insanity.

Flushed tension…. What civilized pain?

Without basis for suspicion, dishonor, or forgery. I am accessible to the deities arranged before me.

Take life in my lungs and squeeze it free, bury me beneath a tree.



Brain Infection: The Relevance Edition

Out here tweaking for a conversational fix….. I haven’t really been in the mood for debate either….. Not in favor of an argumentive disposition at all. Just need a easy smooth convo about something random that still actually somewhat matters…..

Sometimes I feel like my brains analytical needs are a curse (it’s relentless)…..

….. Rubbish! I just need to slow my thoughts down (let them marinate), and keep my mind content (the impossible).