Locked Up Abroad: Innocent American Tourist My Ass


Why do Americans expect Dennis Rodman to do something about Kenneth Bae? Don’t we have politicians for political and diplomatic advocacy? (O’marr)

Why is the U.S. so concerned about an international criminal? It’s not like North Korea is just trying to capture Americans and torture them. Rodman and his boys talk to the officials over there and they’re kool (and they’re also very American). I haven’t really dug up the entire story, but that Bae guy probably has valuable info and North Korea found out. Now the U.S. government wants him back so he won’t compromise their position….

I think the media scrutinizing Rodman’s efforts is just ridiculous….

Bae got himself into some shit over there and now he has to do the time. I’m sure the country (America) with the highest incarceration rate can respect that. We have a whole entire TV show dedicated to shit like this its called “Locked Up Abroad”. Nobody was trying to help any of those Americans on the show escape criminal charges. They just want to help Bae so bad because his ass know something. Innocent American tourist my ass, he was a “Christian terrorist” lol.

Christians always blame Muslims for terrorism, so I thought I’d return the favor.


Poor African American (Somehow) = Automatic Crackhead

So I’m talking to the only somewhat sensible white male at my job, one of the Koolest White Boys (KWB) that ever hit the office….. I seen an article in Money magazine about how if the gov’t would make the wealthiest 400 people in America pay Social Security taxes, there wouldn’t be much of a problem. For people whom may not be aware, SS is drying up and more than likely there will not be enough money available for you when your old. You are currently paying into something that will, at this point, never benefit you.

So I asked the KWB (Finance dude) what were his thoughts on the issue. He said he thinks it would be better if they didn’t tax the 400 wealthiest ppl in America at all, and instead incentivize them to create jobs…. Long story short, his argument was to give the wealthiest Americans a tax break if they retained their industrial jobs in America. We’re basically talking about a second wave of the industrial revolution, because America’s service based economy is not holding up. Nations with industrial economies are growing faster than America, and America (and other powers) is industrializing these nations for the opportunity of cheap labor and better marginal cost…. I said “okay that makes sense, but why can’t the gov’t subject the wealthiest 400 Americans to SS tax, redistribute that wealth, and stimulate the economy?” (more of a Democratic approach even though I don’t have a political affiliation, I just wanted to know his opinion)…..

This is where he started to miss me, because he said:

“If they did that then hopefully the 1% (and lets hope it’s only 1%) of Americans on Welfare (code for Black People) are doing drugs…. all they’re going to do is go out and buy drugs, which the money would end up in the hands of drug dealers, and the drug dealers would go out and buy cars and jewelry.”

Not sure how the fuck we jumped from SS to welfare, but okay!

Let’s assume he’s insinuating that the money will be enjoyed by individuals who are not employed and are not paying taxes….

But please let it be known that the illicit economy is worth BILLIONS and it’s as important as every other aspect of the economy. They try to pretend like the illicit economy in America doesn’t play a substantial role in America’s economic well being. FOH, White people make money off that shit too….

Why is it every time someone talks about redistributing the wealth, republicans and conservative democrats automatically assume that, that means that billions of dollars will be confiscated from rich people leaving them without a pot to piss in and simply given to crackheads?????

This is not what the fuck we’re saying people!!!!
I am firmly against giving any financially negligent person a lump some of money to recklessly spend. That’s why I never really pushed the issue of large individual monetary reparations. Honestly to hand over significant amounts of cash to individuals who have never had as much as 50K in their hand at once, and who are not the least bit financially literate would create more bad than good. The money would end up in the same place it came from because they’ll just go out and spend it on extremely unnecessary depreciable shit at big retail stores….. Ultimately not changing anything.

But there’s nothing wrong with spreading resources a little thinner than what they currently are. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with funding the construction of an urban school with an African American focus, free textbooks, and a decent faculty setup. I mean bitch you built your wealth and your country off the backs of our ancestors, the least you can do as a form of reparation is establish legitimate schools so we can educate our children…. Not asking you for a new car or a some fucking drugs to get high. Just asking for a actual chance at a decent education that teaches us the same core principles about ourselves that are instilled in your children about you.

Seriously I’m not looking forward to the top 400 wealthiest people to magically agreeing to redistribute their wealth, and I think that it’s best for Black people to just fight our way to the top, beat them at their own game, and go to war…..

An Economy of Unlawful Morals

America Has More Prisoners Than High School Teachers

The best nation in the world huh….. You can’t continue to grow if you’re constantly getting in the way of citizens with harsh punishments for every single mistake they’ve made…. I’m sure they’ll blame minority groups and Mexicans (rapidly becoming a majority) for the stagnation of future growth. You were proud to say you ran this country when it was extremely prosperous, so claim your country’s failure as a result of your pride. The only way this could happen in the #1 nation in the world is if it prefers to capitalize from crime (oppose to productivity), and is frozen with illegitimate historical morals that single-out the poor for maintained oppression.

Wealth Inequality in America

Inheritance plays a big role in future generation’s standards of living. White Americans are 5x more likely to receive inheritance (business, homes, cash), and on average the amount of their inheritance is 10x larger than Black people’s inheritance. I don’t know why some White Americans believe that White and Black people have the same opportunities and access to wealth. They’re either naive (and don’t want to know), or they’re just simply ignorant and like to pretend that everything is equal to fuel their sense of White Supremacy.

Wealth Gap In America

I definitely need to take a deeper look into home ownership, which is the biggest contributor to the wealth gap in America.

Makes me think about how people who live in the “ghetto” can’t participate in home ownership within their communities, because these areas are usually flooded with “project” buildings, and there are no houses to buy.

Banks typically require a 20% down payment on a decent mortgage with a good interest rate. The average minimum wage worker would have to save for 10’s of years before they could have enough to make that type of down payment…. So, as a result people who are not wealthy and would like to invest in home ownership will have to take less favorable mortgages.

Without reform to current policies; simple Financial Education will not provide the type of change necessary.



The Finance World: You Gotta Chill Lmao

Had a very interesting discussion with a few of my male colleagues today. Topic of discussion, WELFARE…..

One was a male (age 22) from Dublin, OH who doesn’t like how socialistic America has become. He thinks that ppl on welfare (aka Black ppl) don’t want to work (complacent is the word he used), have a lot of kids (17 is the number I believe he said), love to use drugs (addicts), and are basically full of shit (excuses are made)…. We all know that their are ppl on welfare who are like this, but his desire to categorize damn near all poor Black ppl with these characteristics is what troubled me…. He said that ppl on welfare just want other ppl to take care of them, when they have the same opportunities as everyone else, and he didn’t want to give his hard earned money to them. He said that him and his family worked hard for their money and he’s upset that the government is trying to redistribute the wealth thru taxes and ObamaCare to ppl who don’t deserve it. He began to use profanity (need I remind you we’re at work) telling me that this was fucking stupid, and this is why he doesn’t like to talk to any extreme left liberals (which I’m not, I don’t even like Obama). He thinks that Slavery has nothing to do with Black ppls current conditions, and seemed very agitated that I even made reference to American history. He was so upset he actually started shaking!…………………………..Wow.

I asked him (in my “you’re being completely ridiculous/why are you mad?” voice) what does he think “Black ppl’s poorness” is trying to take from him? Why is he upset with Black ppl for utilizing a program that was put in place by the government, and why isn’t he more upset with the government oppose to Black ppl?

I understand what he’s saying about ppl who abuse welfare, but I don’t agree that an overwhelming majority of poor Black ppl are on Welfare, and are excuse making, complacent, hypersexual, addicts who don’t deserve shit but to rot in their laziness.

I tried to point some things out to his unreasonable, severely prejudice ass, but I’m not in the business of changing ppls opinions. I’m not going to go as far as to say that, that man’s a racist, but he’s definitely prejudice. The other White male with pretty much the same background as him was much more “tolerant” of Black ppl. Even he started shaking his head and said something to the other guy for becoming so emotional about the topic.

Lol shit was funny.