Fuck Outta Here! ~ Nonviolent Soldier


A good portion of my friends and family are in the military or married to people in the military….. What’s really fucking me up is how many of them are against what’s happening in Ferguson. They’re exhausted with us posting about the situation, we have a bias opinion of the police, and violence is not the solution….


You’re in the military happily running to (or supporting troops in) Africa and the middle east to participate in wars (aka being violent without questioning the overall objective) for a muthafucking paycheck, but when it’s time to be war ready for your people you want to stop and ask questions and be diplomatic?!?!

Are you fucking serious?!?! Y’all fight Black and Brown people for the white man, and be proud of the shit, hollering “Hoorah” while your simple ass could possibly die. Expecting me to be grateful for your services, bitch fuck you! You were paid (payroll & benefits) for you reckless association with your country, AND I DON’T OWE YOU SHIT!!!! …. But let a black or brown person form any weapon against your beloved government and now you want to act like a bitch telling us we’re wrong about “Massa”….

These military niggas be posting shit about how they’re the reason we enjoy freedom; nigga kill yourself! You’re not fucking free and if you believe that your ignorance is worse than I thought.

I call it how I see and y’all are some BITCHES. Scared of the white man, talking about (in my bitch nigga voice) “well black people kill more black people than anybody else. We need to stop black on black violence because that’s ridiculous.”.  Oh so when your bitch ass go over to Africa on your so-called “relief & support” missions killing black and brown people (here and there), that’s not black on black crime??????

Nah, because the white man gave you a check for that, so that’s kool. Black people don’t pay you niggas enough huh?…..

I’m not sure if you fuck niggas forgot, BUT WAR IS VIOLENCE AND YOUR BITCH ASS WILLINGLY SIGNED UP FOR IT. You live/die by becoming a marine and now when you see people being violent towards white supremacy you’re all of a sudden against violence? Bitch I thought you was a muthafuck’n soldier?!?!

Sounds like you a bitch ass nigga to me. Y’all pick on the little guys, but when it comes to approaching the big bad bully (USA) in town y’all niggas want to start y’all fucking periods?!?!

Nobody in the military can tell me that millions of innocent black lives were not lost at war. You niggas want to call somebody out on being hypocrites, saying that we overlook black on black crime in our neighborhoods, but bitch you’re preaching nonviolence and you overlook what your organization is doing to predominantly black countries overseas.

HYPOCRITE!!!!!! NIGGA DID YOU SAY HYPOCRITE?!?!?! The nonviolent nigga who signed up for war?!?!?!!!!!!

Nah, not you?!!!! I know damn well that’s not what the fuck you said….

Lol boy I tell you, smh.