Brain Infection: The Relevance Edition

Out here tweaking for a conversational fix….. I haven’t really been in the mood for debate either….. Not in favor of an argumentive disposition at all. Just need a easy smooth convo about something random that still actually somewhat matters…..

Sometimes I feel like my brains analytical needs are a curse (it’s relentless)…..

….. Rubbish! I just need to slow my thoughts down (let them marinate), and keep my mind content (the impossible).


Invalid Resentment

People say negative things about wealthy African Americans (like Oprah), who spend money on underdeveloped nations. They think she should take care of home before going out and helping people from other nations…..  Black people in America spend millions if not billions on Christmas. Meaning we have enough money amongst us to take care of each other….. But you’d rather buy bs for Christmas than take care of your neighbor, and somehow you feel entitled to rich people’s charity….. right…. help yourself and your neighbor, and then if your stingy ass run out of resources ask for a donation…. until then shop with no regret and shut up.

Like Mother, Like Daughter……

One of my main goals in life is to make sure I can tell my daughter to be like me…. There’s nothing wrong with telling your kids to be better than you, but I don’t want to be one of those mothers that has to tell her daughter to not be like her because she’s made so many mistakes that the worst thing her daughter could do is follow in her footsteps…. More than likely I will still try to influence my daughter to be different, but if she insists I don’t want my path to be harmful to her.

Self-Image and Fake Appearances

I get more compliments from white women on my kinky curly hair than from any other group of ppl. Black women come in a close 2nd in complimenting my hair, but they also come in 1st place for saying negative stuff about my curly hair….. White ppl in general compliment me more on my name too. Some black ppl think my name is “ghetto”.

This just proves to me that once you accept yourself others will have no choice but to respect you…. And ppl who are similar to you that don’t like their natural appearance will let you know that they don’t like you showing the world what they really look like.

Regardless, everyday I fall more and more in love with curly kinky hair…. Afro on Monday 😉