Gentle. Kind. Friendly.

I need more positive people in my life….. I need that good stuff…… The type of people who bring positivity to your doorstep with your name on it. I don’t like motivational speakers or seasonal friends. I want someone who will make me feel guilty for being frustrated. I want to be ashamed of showing my attitude when I’m in a room with them. Motivated and inspired to be as nice as I can be.

Relaxed & Free. Never angry or upset.

I want to have the ability to find understanding in the most stubborn settings. I want to feel my brain smile 🙂



Even Without a Single Physical Lash….. It’s Still With Me.


I guarantee that my children will live within the lens of their history. People think I’m crazy for indulging myself in the truth. I think it’s crazy how many African American people don’t. I received the same African American history lesson each year just like every other Black student in America, but I knew that Black history was much more than just Martin Luther King Jr….. The biggest thing I fault my people for is how many of us are negligent to taking the time to study ourselves, and draw concrete conclusions about what happened to us and what’s to come. There’s not enough well prepared African American opinions….. I think that some Black people intentionally avoid African American history because it takes such a gigantic emotional toll on you. It’s so exhausting to intake and deal with that even sometimes I cry from the thoughts. I never cry, not when catastrophic events happen like 911 or even when my own relatives pass away….. But I cry for my ancestors….. My ancestors didn’t just pass away or fall victim to a terrorist attack one day. They were tortured their entire lives and forced to watch their parents and children be tortured in the same fashion….. And as an African decedent in the twenty-first century I’m forced to deal with the inhumane rationale that the rest of the world creates to tell me my feelings about slavery aren’t justified. I don’t care what the world (or any other African American for that matter) says about the validity of my connection to slavery…. It’s still with me.

Should African Americans Follow Western Religions?

I’m not in the business of telling other adults what they should do, but I don’t follow western religions. I personally think that Christianity is one of the worse things that ever happened to Black people. Besides the lack of generalized common sense, Christianity is completely inconsistent. Christians are compulsive sinners who justify their lack of basic discipline with mortality. The single most important character in the Bible has been physically altered and no one cares about adherence. Church is more about riffraff, oppose to actually being a space for collective cognitive development. More often than not its members are politically unorganized, intellectually negligent, and financially illiterate. Pretty much everyone I know is a Christian and I attended several different churches growing up. I never liked the atmosphere as a child. It was too loud to think, too passive in particular areas, and they always seemed to give me the same recycled ambiguous answers….. I remember church being about Jesus from start to finish (unless they were gossiping). They never discussed current events, never discussed politics indepth, never discussed fundamental wealth building…. I’ve talked to church members about their pastor’s significance. Pastors are not active in their communities anymore. Last time I’ve talked to a pastor was the last time I went to church. Christians are bound by the walls of the church and psychologically isolated by inexplicable fear.

Not some shit I want to be apart of…

Change of Surroundings


I’m ready to make some changes…. Ready to surround myself with beautifully enlightened individuals…. People who are wealthy with unique opinions and judicious about their cognitive development…. Gracious to distinctness and hospitable to constructive criticism…. The ones who interrogate customs & traditions, and do not adopt prominent fiction…. I desire to utilize and devote myself to intimate dialogues for my own selfish consciousness. I crave flooded synapses, drowned in complex simplicities, decorated with optimism.

Wealth Inequality in America

Inheritance plays a big role in future generation’s standards of living. White Americans are 5x more likely to receive inheritance (business, homes, cash), and on average the amount of their inheritance is 10x larger than Black people’s inheritance. I don’t know why some White Americans believe that White and Black people have the same opportunities and access to wealth. They’re either naive (and don’t want to know), or they’re just simply ignorant and like to pretend that everything is equal to fuel their sense of White Supremacy.