You Stop Bitching = Me Minding My Own Business

You ever wanted to give somebody advice, but you figured it was none of your damn business; So you continued to shut the hell up….. The older I get the more I feel like this. I must be learning how to keep my damn mouth closed…..

Well that, and a general lack of interest in how to solve the same problem over and over again. Sometimes minding your own business means attending to your personal problem without letting everyone know about it.

Occupational Joy

Some clients have like $250k-$500k dollars in stock and they don’t even know it. They bought Apple stock back in the 90′s and forgot all about them….. She said “I feel like I just won the lottery!!!!!! You’re my new best friend”. Well why don’t you gift your new best friend 10 shares :)

Lol I think I just discovered my favorite part of this job. Feels good to tell ppl they’re about to get a check for $400k.

I Solicit To Breathe!!!

The requisite for lukewarm wind, a neoteric breeze, and more than one setting sun. Chronology carries on as nature stops just to attended my fantasies…. Audio of massive liquid slows my heartbeat leaking pressure off my ego. A surplus of thoughts with ample range coquets my insanity.

Flushed tension…. What civilized pain?

Without basis for suspicion, dishonor, or forgery. I am accessible to the deities arranged before me.

Take life in my lungs and squeeze it free, bury me beneath a tree.


Locked Up Abroad: Innocent American Tourist My Ass


Why do Americans expect Dennis Rodman to do something about Kenneth Bae? Don’t we have politicians for political and diplomatic advocacy? (O’marr)

Why is the U.S. so concerned about an international criminal? It’s not like North Korea is just trying to capture Americans and torture them. Rodman and his boys talk to the officials over there and they’re kool (and they’re also very American). I haven’t really dug up the entire story, but that Bae guy probably has valuable info and North Korea found out. Now the U.S. government wants him back so he won’t compromise their position….

I think the media scrutinizing Rodman’s efforts is just ridiculous….

Bae got himself into some shit over there and now he has to do the time. I’m sure the country (America) with the highest incarceration rate can respect that. We have a whole entire TV show dedicated to shit like this its called “Locked Up Abroad”. Nobody was trying to help any of those Americans on the show escape criminal charges. They just want to help Bae so bad because his ass know something. Innocent American tourist my ass, he was a “Christian terrorist” lol.

Christians always blame Muslims for terrorism, so I thought I’d return the favor.

Brain Infection: The Relevance Edition

Out here tweaking for a conversational fix….. I haven’t really been in the mood for debate either….. Not in favor of an argumentive disposition at all. Just need a easy smooth convo about something random that still actually somewhat matters…..

Sometimes I feel like my brains analytical needs are a curse (it’s relentless)…..

….. Rubbish! I just need to slow my thoughts down (let them marinate), and keep my mind content (the impossible).

Invalid Resentment

People say negative things about wealthy African Americans (like Oprah), who spend money on underdeveloped nations. They think she should take care of home before going out and helping people from other nations…..  Black people in America spend millions if not billions on Christmas. Meaning we have enough money amongst us to take care of each other….. But you’d rather buy bs for Christmas than take care of your neighbor, and somehow you feel entitled to rich people’s charity….. right…. help yourself and your neighbor, and then if your stingy ass run out of resources ask for a donation…. until then shop with no regret and shut up.